Buying a New Car Or Used One For Your Teen – 4 Things to Think About

You know, it’s not a hard clad rule that every teenager has to have a new car or any car for that matter. Sure it is a lot easier to have one. You know your child. Think if he or she really is responsible enough to own a car.

Think about these things before purchasing a new or used car for your teen:

1. As a parent, you know so many responsibilities come with owning a car. Is your child ready to help pay for the car and take care of the fueling, maintenance and having the car insured?

2. Think about if your child needs a car or does it have to do with peer pressure? Think if it makes sense for your child to own a car at his or her age.

3. Choose a good Driving School – Not all teenagers are mature enough to own a car. If you feel that your child does not make a good candidate for car ownership, then just wait a year. Inform your child it is important for him or her to prove to you that a car purchase would be a good decision for them. During that year be determined to ensure your child gets driver training.

4. Once your child passes a driver’s test, don’t rush to let him or her drive alone. Be there to supervise until you feel comfortable with that.

5. Don’t let your teen drive with other teenagers the first year or so. In some states this is actually prohibited and the state requires at least one adult present.

6. Don’t be naive. There is a good chance your teen will not drive the same with you as he or she drives with their friends.

7. Restrict unsupervised nighttime driving.

8. Find a trustworthy dealership who understands cars and teens. When you are ready to purchase a car make sure it is a safe one.

9. Give your teen rules to follow. Make sure he or she understands that they are responsible for any expenses; such as, an accident, a traffic ticket, the difference in the insurance premium. Make it a hard fast rule that drinking is not allowed ever while driving. Alcohol should never even be in the car. Seat belts must be used at all times. The car must be kept clean and filed with gas, oil checked, etc.

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